Facility reimbursements continue to drop. Add-ons and disposables are frequently bundled into a fee schedule that is already leaving your margins razor thin. Your surgeons are bringing in their cases, but with reimbursements declining, the volume must increase to maintain the surgery center viable as a business. If not, the long term prognosis is not good.

There is a population of patients that have surgical indications but lack the immediate financial means to see a surgeon and have the procedure done in a facility. This population of patients is those that have been injured in accidents and have a pending law suit. Unfortunately, the case may take many years to settle and they need the surgery now. Your facility would like to help but it’s not your model to wait years for reimbursement and take the risk should the law suit be unsuccessful. How can you turn this population into revenue quickly?

Surgifactors works exclusively within that population of patients. We provide facilities reimbursements at rates which are competitive with commercial rates without the cost and aggravation associated with pre-certification, billing denials, delays, etcetera. We work with your administrator, the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the attorney and the patient to make sure everyone’s needs are met. From the facility’s perspective, you are compensated immediately upon receipt of the surgical report and associated billing information. There is no need to waste hundreds of hours and spend thousands of dollars chasing attorneys or patients for years. You provide an exceptional service and are compensated at a market compatible rate.

If this sounds interesting call us to set up a meeting. We will review the entire program with you to make sure we satisfy all your regulatory concerns and procedural issues. We will also work with you to educate your surgeons about the opportunity and the benefits it affords all parties.