When you started your surgery practice you had intentions of being busy performing surgery, refining your clinical skills and making a difference in peoples lives. While you expected to make a good living doing so, you never thought that the environment would become so complicated by third parties that life as a surgeon would be less and less clinical and more and more business and administrative.

As a surgeon, you are being compensated in decrementing rates from commercial carriers who deny and delay claims.In other words, you work harder, complete more paperwork, wait longer for reimbursement and are compensated less. To make things worse, you have skyrocketing overhead and malpractice rates that continue to climb from year to year. It has arrived to the point that it’s becoming a challenge to cover overhead and make a reasonable living. Even worse, the enjoyment of practice is no longer a given.

You may not realize it but you are losing potential revenue every day. It happens every time an uninsured patient is seen in the emergency department while you’re on call. It also happens when a person is seen in your office but is either uninsured or insured by a carrier that you don’t or won’t accept. Surgifactors offers a way to perform the required surgery on some of these patients without the complications associated with third party payers.

Patients that have had injuries that are no fault of their own may have legal options to get compensated and pay for the surgical care they need. Unfortunately, the timing between when they need the surgery and when they have the funds usually doesn’t align well. Surgifactors bridges that gap by providing surgeons with up front compensation that is usually equal to or better than the rates paid by commercial carriers. The result is that you provide your client with needed surgery when they need it and they have improved outcomes. No less important is that you are paid for your services immediately upon completion of your work avoiding pre-certifications, staff billing hours, collection fees, resubmissions and denials.

Call us to discuss our solutions and to see if we may be a good fit for your practice. You may find that this is a model of practice that works well for you and you may want to join our panel of providers and benefit from surgical referrals of patients in need of your professional services.