You’ve continued to treat a patient that has fallen on some hard times and lost their health benefits. You’ve made arrangements with your patient to maintain a relationship that you value. Suddenly, they present to your office after having had an accidental injury that is no fault of their own. You evaluate them and after a trial of conservative care determine that they need a surgeons help. The surgeon accepts the patient as a courtesy even though they know that its unlikely that they will be paid for their services.

After the surgeon evaluates your patient the consultation report indicates they will need the surgery. Due to financial restrictions the surgeon can’t get the procedure done. Even if they wanted to do the surgery, the hospital or ambulatory surgical center wants to be paid at the time of service at their usual rates. How can you help your patient get the surgery they need?

Surgifactors may be able to make an arrangement with your patient’s surgeon, surgical center and attorney to bridge the access gap. The Surgifactors approach allows for surgeons and facilities to be paid for their services immediately thereby allowing them to accept your patient for care. Your patient gets the care they deserve and you have a patient that is appreciative of your concern and influence.

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