You are the front line soldiers that fight for your clients’ rights to compensation for their injuries. The environment has become increasingly hostile over the years and has made the terrain more treacherous. The defense community has made every effort to minimize case values in an effort to increase shareholder value. All you want are fair, just and reasonable settlements or verdicts for your clients. A discounted case outcome would only serve to injure your client further. Your legal representation of your client is a professional responsibility that you readily accept as an advocate and defender of their rights.

The challenges become even more burdensome when your client has injuries that require surgery but they have no health benefits to cover their needs. Not only does your client not benefit from the surgery they require, but the case value is diminished due to the absence of the medical specials which should be considered. Furthermore, if your client can’t get the surgery until after they settle their case, any surgical complications that may arise after the surgery cannot be compensated, even though they are an extension of the trauma.

The perception of a plaintiff that may need surgery versus a plaintiff that has had surgery is very different in the eyes of jurors, judges, adjustors and defense lawyers. That may not be fair but it is reality. The bottom line is that your client’s health and financial outcome will be severely minimized if they don’t undergo the surgical procedures that are medically indicated and causally related to the trauma.

Our financial solutions make this problem go away. We offer a solution that is fast, reasonable and helpful to all involved parties. It is a win-win for the surgeons, anesthesiologists, the hospitals, the ambulatory surgical centers, the attorney and most of all your client. Not only is your client compensated appropriately, you earn a well deserved fee for a job well done.

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